Prices and Delivery Service Information


Only .99 Cents/Lb! Orders over 100 pounds (if paid in cash)



Orders 50 pounds or greater

Orders under 49 pounds ($35 minimum charge)

Commercial Cleaning available for businesses and is subject to different pricing.

Call for more information!


Regular Comforters $14.95 each
Down, Denim or very Heavy Washable Comforters Start at $20.95
Dry Clean Only Comforters Start at $24.95
Rugs Start at $3.00 per linear foot

All other household items are quoted by request. Items such as sheets are done by the pound.


Men's button down shirt, with starch option $2.50
Women's button down shirt, with starch option $5.50
2 Piece Suit, unlined slacks $12.50
Suit Jacket only $7.50
Slacks or Shorts, unlined $5.50
Slacks or Shorts, lined $6.00
Jeans $6.00
Slacks. silk or velvet $6.50
Dry Cleaned Shirts or Polo type shirts $5.50
Basic Blouses $5.50
Silk or Fancy shirts or blouses By quote
Basic Dresses $9.75
Velvet or Velour Dresses $14.50
Silk, Fancy, beaded or Formal dresses By quote
Basic Skirts $6.00
Long or Lined, Silk or Fancy Skirts By quote
Winter Coats, basic knee length of shorter* $16.95
Winter Coat, basic, longer than knee length* $18.95
Leather Jackets Start at $44.00

* Dry Cleaning orders for pick up/delivery under $50.00, unaccompanied by wash, dry, and fold service are subject to a $10.00 delivery fee.

*Extra for fur hoods, down, removable lining, leather trim.

All other items are gladly quoted by phone or in person


Provide your own soap and or softener, or use our liquid All laundry detergent, Bounce dryer sheets or Downy liquid softener for 50 cents each per load.

  • Unscented All Free & Clear 75 cents/load
  • Natural (Environmentally Friendly) detergent or Softener: $1.50 load/each
  • Simple, small pre-treats* using Shout: 25 cents/spot
  • Clorox or Clorox 2 Color Safe Bleach: 75 cents/load
  • Oxy Clean: 75 cents/load

If you desire a detergent other than those listed, we will be happy to try and accommodate your preference.

*Extensive pretreating of large stains exceeding 1" diameter will be quoted. Stains will not be treated unless customer requests treatment. Stains created by the client are their own and although we will do our best to eliminate stains when the customer requests, we can make no guarantees.
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